Canopus E-Scooters have three modes and top speed of each mode is as follows:-

  • ECO − 25 KM/Hr
  • DRIVE − 35 KM/Hr
  • SPORT − 42-45 KM/Hr

55Kg without Battery


30MM Magnet BLDC HUB Motor

Canopus E-Scooters Comes with following three Speed Modes:-

  • ECO

The Milage of the Canopus E-Scooters is different for each battery type opted by user. These are as follows:-

  • 48V 20A − 50KMs on single charge
  • 48V 25A − 60KMs on single charge
  • 48V 30A − 75KMs on single charge

Canopus E-Scooters comes with high quality ABS body parts

  • Registration is not required in our low speed models
  • Registration is required in our high speed models

12 Degrees with single rider

  • USB Charger
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Reverse Gear
  • Remote Locking/ Unlocking
  • LED Head Lamps
  • LED Multifunction Display
  • DRL Lights in select Models

  • Wheel Size − 10
  • Wheel Type − Alloy

3.0 − 10 Tubeless Tyres

  • Front − Disk Break
  • Rear − Drum Break

  • Front − Telescopic
  • Rear − Hydraulic

Motor and Controller comes with ONE Year Standard warranty conditions

Yes, It is mandatory for all Dealers to maintain adequate no of spare parts

Yes, User manual is provided with Canopus E-Scooters

  • Spanners Set which includes 14-15, 14-17 and 21-23 Spanners
  • One Two-in-one Screw Driver Set
  • First Aid Kit

Yes, some of the body parts can have this effect if the vehicle is continuously parked directly exposed to the sunlight. Hence, we recommend buying the body cover to avoid such a scenario

Yes, it can be driven as per the ICAT standard testing conditions

Canopus E-Scooters offers different portable Battery Options which are:-

  • 48V 20A
  • 48V 25A
  • 48V 30A

Users ca choose any one of these as per their milage requirements. The lifecycle of these batteries is upto 1000 charge cycles with 3 years performance warranty.

Both Lithium Ion or LED Acid batteries can be used in Canopus E-Scooters

Yes Canopus E-Scooters have an option of charging the battery without removing.

Yes, Battery can be charges with a normal 5A socket charger anywhere after removing.

It takes 4-5 hours to full charge the battery.

Yes, Extra Battery Pack is available with our Dealers.

If it is left idle for more than 3 months, then the battery may go into deep discharge mode and a trained service technician is required to resolve the issue. The batteries should be charged to 50% SOC whenever they are not going to be under use for more than 1 month.

The original OEM charger will not allow overcharging for the battery, and if the battery gets overcharged because of the usage of any other charger, then the overcharging is not recommended as it significantly affects the life cycle of the battery and also may lead to a thermal runaway issue (smoke or fire).


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